Monday, January 17, 2011

SOOTHING AS NIGHT WINDS ARE: An Interpretation of the poem by that title by Salvador B. Espinas

Love is gentle, love is quiet

Like any distant star;

In loving by which we approximate the nature of love, we do not coerce those we love—as much as possible we give room for freedom to grow and respect each other’s independence, i.e., each other’s time of searching.

In loving, the lover is like the distant star, manifesting his presence and yet quietly, not trying to obstruct or block the path of the beloved. He stands besides quietly assuring her of his gentle presence and constant attention.

Love is beauty, love is music

Soothing as night winds are.

Lovers are enchanted by the wonders of creation. One who is in loved would often quips that everything seems beautiful and that “ life has music, rhythm and rhyme” –which actually is. Somehow, love enables man and woman to see reality as God sees it. As even in times of trouble, loves comes like night winds, soothing our weary mind and aching heart.

Love is patient and unselfish,

Divine, true, neutral, fair—

A lover waits forever. He seeks for reason to understand the shortcomings of his beloved. In this way, he is becoming fair and neutral. His loving her pushes him to open up himself and encourages him to focus not on himself but on his beloved. In this way, he becomes truer to himself, to his nature as Son of God—son of a God whose nature is Love.

Love is ageless and immortal,

Lost love is just somewhere…

True love endures forever and survives all the trials and tests of time. No wonder why many a lover sings, “I’ll be loving you forever…” One who truly love could never say, “I’m falling out of love…” The truth of the matter is, he has just lost his love somewhere…but that maybe someday, somehow, somewhere he’ll find it behind “those close doors” of his life.

And the heart that love abandons

Nurses a tender scar

Softly stabbing, and yet sweetly

Soothing as night winds are.

It hurts to have loved and to see your beloved departs from you. Separation, break up, divorce, death—these are painful processes by which a loving heart is being “softly stabbed.” Yet despite this stabbing, a loving heart will likewise be “sweetly soothed” as time goes by. As a famed adage goes, time heals all wounds. It is not time really. It is the love we bear in our hearts that heals our wound.


  1. yess! thanks a lot! thats what i need for my report!

  2. You're welcome, Christine Mae. You reminded me of the parable of ten lepers ( By my standard, this entry has been the most read in my blogs. I assumed that it's most attractive to students of Filipino literature who were asked by their teachers of an interpretation of some sort of Espinas' poem. But as you may notice, you're the first to post comment on this. And it's an expression of gratitude.

    1. too nice explaination. thnx a lot.

    2. De nada, Cute. And thank you for the compliment.